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• Self regulating round dripper
• Uniform flow rate along drip line length
• Suitable for use with standard 13mm LD fi ttings
• Size 12.5mm ID and 14.5mm OD
• Brown UV protected tubing is durable under sunny conditions
and blends with ground or mulch colours
• Dripline has dual outlet ports on each dripper to ensure that
only one outlet has contact with the ground, eliminating a
chance of back siphoning debris into the tubing
• Manufactured in Australia
• Round dripper with wide water passages which provides high
resistance to blockages
• Two inlet filters per dripper
• Self cleaning, water fl ow in dripper labyrinth fl ushes out
sediments continuously
• Durable tube for years of trouble free use
30cm x 2.1 lph pressure compensated landscape dripline - 50 metre roll HRDPC5030
30cm x 2.1 lph pressure compensated landscape dripline - 100 metre roll HRDPC10030
Suitable for lawns, shrubs, trees and fl ower beds. Ideal for slopes and long
narrow applications on surface, under mulch or subsurface installations.
• Dripper fl ow rate: 2.1lph pressure compensating
• Standard dripper spacing of 0.3m available
• Recommended working pressure: 50 to 350kPa
• Maximum single lateral run length: 88m
• Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
• Coil lengths - 50m and 100m