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Southern Wire Fastlock Toughline provides:
Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.
Strength - Fastlock knot to minimise the risk of the vertical wire slipping.
Stability - Single picket wire to provide long-lasting vertical integrity.
Durability - 2.80mm top and bottom wires to manage heavy stock pressure.
Also available in these configurations:
6/70/30 Fastlock Roll 200m
6/70/30 Fastlock Roll 500m
6/90/30 Fastlock Roll 200m
6/90/45 Fastlock Roll 500m
7/90/30 Fastlock Roll 200m
7/90/30 Fastlock Roll 500m
7/90/45 Fastlock Roll 500m
8/90/15 Fastlock Roll 100m
8/90/15 Fastlock Roll 250m
8/90/30 Fastlock Roll 200m
8/90/30 Fastlock Roll 500m