8/115/15 FASTLOCK - 100M

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Southern Wire has had a longstanding involvement in the feral animal exclusion fencing market manufacturing over 6,500km of wire in recent years. This has largely been supplied into QLD and NSW but has also included projects in VIC, SA and WA for both private landholders, cluster groups and goverment agencies.

We recognise that these projects are a significant investment and therefore a better approach than 'one-size-fits-all' is required. For this reason the options we offer are unlimited to allow you to design a fence that specifically suits your requirements. This may mean manufacturing a 40cm hinged apron rather than 30cm to cope with sandy soil, including additional 2.8mm line wires in the fence to handle extreme pressure or using the Premier50 coated wire at the base of the fence to protect against highly corrosive soils. One thing that remains consistent is that you can be assured of a high quality product that is manufactured in Australia by Southern Wire, a family owned business.