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Introducing the AgBoss Grazer Bin, an innovative and revolutionary slow feeding system designed to promote natural grazing habits for horses. This Australian-made product has been embraced by horse owners worldwide.
The Grazer Bin and Hay insert is designed to allow a horse to graze hay in a naturally slow, continuous manner in the correct posture.
Allows several hours of grazing time per filling.
The diameter of each cutout on the Hay Insert is 75 mm or 100 mm depending on horse size. The perforated grazer moves down as the level of hay falls and is free to rotate, so the animal only takes what it requires, without waste.
The insert cannot be removed accidently; should the horse be playful the insert stays in place allowing the horse to wrestle with the bin without causing damage to itself or the bin.
No gorging - horses can graze all day – searching, pulling, tearing whilst chewing & swallowing - naturally.
The Lid and Water Trough makes it the essential travelling item when on the road.
The Bin and Lid may be used as a rodent-free chaff Bin or for equipment storage
The solid insert may be used seperately as water troughs.
The bin is 56 cm in diameter and 65 cm tall without the lid. The total weight of the three components is about 8.5 kg.