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CLiK Extra is the latest formulation for blowfly strike prevention from Elanco. CLiK Extra contains 65g/L dicyclanil, which is 30% more active ingredient than CLiK. CLiK Extra is indicated for the protection of sheep against flystrike for up to 29 weeks. It is also indicated for the protection of mulesing and marking wounds on sheep against flystrike during the wound healing process. CLiK Extra gives you extra peace of mind knowing your sheep have the longest protection against blowfly strike available. Can be applied to sheep off shears or with any length wool. Withholding Periods MILK: DO NOT USE on sheep that are producing or may in the future produce milk that may be used or processed for human consumption. WOOL: DO NOT USE less than 3 months before shearing or fibre collection. MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 21 days before slaughter for human consumption. Export Slaughter Interval DO NOT USE less than 9 weeks before slaughter for export.