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The Plant is an annual with moderate stem strength and grows as small bushes 40-80 cm high, with multiple lateral branches from near the base. It has a single or pair of flowers, medium (10-35mm); colour-violet/purple or white.
Vetch has a strong root system that develops nodules at an early stage; this provides sufficient nitrogen for the plants to use and accumulates significant amounts for the following crops.
Recommended pH Rate: CaCl2 5 – 8.5
Recommended Rainfall Rate: Annual rainfall 300+; 200 - 350mm during growing season
Recommended Sow Rate:
Single species: 40 to 45kg/ha in 350ml rainfall areas; 50-60kg in 400m+ areas
Mix with Ryegrass: 66% Vetch, 33% Ryegrass
Sowing time: Mid-April to end of June