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• Greater plant density
• Increased pasture palatability
• Rich source of trace elements essential for
animal health – including Copper, Selenium
and Cobalt
• Suited to high and low pH soils, soils with
sodium and aluminium constraints
• Low leaching and sustained release

Eco-Pasture Spring blend focuses on
complete nutrition including Nitrogen,
Potassium and Carbon to stimulate rapid
vegetative growth for strong forage/pasture
development and hay production.
Volcanic minerals form the foundation of
soil, which combined with Eco Advance®
microbial inoculation, add a further
dimension of soil building and health.
The volcanic silicate minerals in Eco-Pasture
Spring also provides key trace minerals
essential for stock health and well-being
while ensuring good pasture palatability.
The silicates also assist in building plant
structural strength – improving the
robustness of the new spring growth and
reducing plant susceptibility to damage.