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Sustained Release
Suitable for Low/High PRI Soils
Biologically Activated
Eco-Prime® prilled Soft Rock Phosphate biological fertiliser is impregnated with beneficial biology. Designed to enhance the soil by providing balanced Phosphorus and trace nutrients including plant available Silica.
Phosphorus availability and speed of delivery is increased through the utilisation of colloidal soft rock Phosphate, which is ground to a fine powder, then reconstituted into a prill inoculated with beneficial microbes; designed to enhance Phosphorus release and availability.
Eco-Prime® Soft Rock Phosphate fertilizer is typically not bound by high Phosphorus Retention Index (PRI) soils, resulting in increased Phosphorus availability with continued use.
Eco-Prime® Soft Rock Phosphate is also suited to highly acidic / aluminium rich soils, where it can provide additional pH buffering.