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Turn one garden tap into four
Watering Intervals of 1-12hrs, or 1-7 days, per zone
Watering times of 1-30mins
Max flow rate of 25L/min
Sequential watering for both outlets (set one start time and one run time)
Simplify your home watering with the Holman QuikDial™ Tap Timer. The dual outlet model allows for quick and easy scheduling of two different outlets from a single garden tap.
With short watering times of 1 to 30 minutes, this tap timer is ideal for watering garden beds, shrubs and hanging baskets. The intuitive controls allow for watering intervals of 1-12 hours, or every 1-7 days, perfect for every day or for holiday watering. Quickly set one program and one duration and the QuikDial will water each outlet sequentially.
Requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries.