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The RPS75 gear drive rotor is designed for residential and light commercial applications. Built to perform trouble-free for years. Our patented reversing mechanism, assures continuous reverse and return. With K-Rain’s wide selection of standard and low angle nozzles, the RPS75™ provides even water distribution.
Right Position Start – Rotor rotates counterclockwise from fixed right start position
Top Adjustment – No training necessary
Full and Part Circle Rotation – Provides a full range of adjustment from 40° to 360°
Non-flushing Wiper Seal – Reduces leaks caused by debris trapped under seal
3/4? (20 mm) Inlet – Replaces all standard rotors
Ideal for Low Flow Applications
Universal Adjustment Tool
Rubber Cover – Seals out dirt and increases durability
Wide Selection of Nozzles – Including standard and low angle, provides flexibility in system design