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* Delicia® SLUGGOFF® Lentils are a highly palatable, rain-fast bait to control all species of slugs and snails in all crops and under all weather conditions. Yet at the same time it uses less chemical per hectare than other products.
* Delicia® SLUGGOFF® achieves slug control and snail control in wet or dry conditions and during its development the following characteristics were considered:
* Slugs and snails have small mouths and eat by rasping. A flat bait disc is easy for small mouths to eat.
* Slug and snail density can be very high, therefore a large number of bait stations per/m2 are required.
* The ideal bait needs to work well in moist conditions, which is the time of maximum slug and snail activity.
* Fine tuning the formulation gave a palatable bait.
* Doubling the dose rate of metaldehyde, from the usual 1.5% (w/w) found in most cheap pellet products, to 3% (w/w), made the bait effective at low application rates.
* Incorporating the active ingredient throughout the pellet avoids the risk of photo degradation.
* Adding a bittering agent increased pet safety.
* The dust free formulation allows ready application while maximising operator safety.