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The fastest and easiest Waratah strainer post to manually install.
2.10m strainer can be stayed 3 ways through 90 degrees and the 2.50m can be stayed 4 ways through 180 degrees.
Economical to erect and capable of withstanding high-pressure loads.
Termite proof and fire resistant.
Best suited to hard–medium ground applications as the pointed end of the Ezyslot can punch through ground that would be more difficult for round strainer posts.

Coating: Hot dipped galvanized coating (min 600g/m²) for excellent corrosion protection
Material: 300 grade angle
Length: 2.10m and 2.50m
Angle: 75mm x 75mm x 6mm
Approximate Height Above Ground: 1250mm, 1350, mm
Approximate Height In Ground (minimum): 850mm, 1150mm