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Waratah Netting is a popular wire product & is used for a wide variety of applications.
The netting pattern is produced in reverse twist to better absorb impact.
Two ply selvedge wire is used to give the netting added strength.
Available in range of mesh spacing for different applications:??


3cm Tighter exclusion applications prevent small animals such as baby rabbits getting through the fence.
4cm Ideal for larger animal applications such as foaling yards, rabbit, and camelid fencing.
5cm Fish, lobster, and crab netting, it is also ideal for chicken pens and excluding foxes.
Waratah's Longlife blue netting also comes in a range of wire diameters for several different applications:?


1.4mm Lighter pressure applications and for horse fencing.
1.6mm Aquatic use especially in fish crab and lobster netting and chicken pens and for excluding foxes.
1.80mm High-pressure application in highly corrosive environments. Ideal for excluding wombats and wild dogs.