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Ozspray General Purpose Lanolin Lubricant
Woolube Ozspray General Purpose lanolin lubricant is a sprayable form of Woolube Grease which dries to a fine grease film offering the same characteristics as the grease as well as providing an excellent fluid displacement, penetrant, and lubricant in one multi-purpose product.
• Displaces moisture from surfaces, protecting them
from corrosion.
• Penetrates metal surfaces preventing wear and
providing extended protection.
• Penetrates seized parts for easing release.
• Long-lasting lubrication for all moving parts.
• Protects equipment from atmospheric acid and
salt corrosion.
• Protects electrical applications and appliances
from corrosion.
• Resists breakdown in high temperatures and
temperature variation.
• Non - Conductive / Di electric up to 70kV.
• Food Safe and resistant to wash off.
• Eco-friendly, can be used around waterways in
all environments.
• Environmentally friendly and Biodegradable.
• Best applied to dry, clean surfaces
• Use Woolube Citra Blitz degreaser to clean surface
prior to application or to remove grease
• Protecting exterior surfaces from surface rust and
• Penetrates rusted surfaces to free nuts and tools.
• Lubricates exterior equipment, chains and blocks.
• Moisture proofs multi-pin plugs and connectors.
• Protects electrical components, switchgear
and circuit boards.
• Ideal for marine applications to protect against
salt spray.
• Anti-spatter protection when welding.
• Lubricates rubber hoses, O-rings, linkages,
pivot pins and bushes.
• Protects metal fastenings and fittings
from corrosion.
• Shake the container to ensure product is mixed
correctly. Colder climates will require little extra
stirring or shaking.
• Ozspray General Purpose Lanolin Lubricant
can be applied via spray, brush, roller, or lamb’s
wool applicator.
• Coverage is approximately 20m2 per litre.
Only one good coat is required.
• When applying to objects via spray, hold 30cm away
from object. Start from the top and coat evenly from
one side to the other.
• Reapplication in exterior applications is recommended
after every 6-8 months